Sewa, Simran, Ruhaniyat and Rahit

This title is not meant to be metaphorical; it is a statement on the progression of a ‘Sikh of the Khalsa’ life in this ‘yug’ or age.  The human mind has a tendency to pick up bits and pieces of religion, culture, literature, art, history as per their interpretation of relevance. These bits are then […]

Singhs & Turbans: An Illustrative Essay

It is worthy to note that the genesis of the Sikh turban is dual in nature. The socio-political origin generally referenced is Guru Gobind’s attempt to elevate every turbaned individual to the status of a King or Leader, hitherto shattering the hierarchy of obeisance to any human form.

Symbols of Faith: The December ’20 Theme

What are symbols and what is their impact on society? Surely, there are positive symbols as well as negative ones. How must we distinguish one from another, and what truly is the value of symbols in religious practice? Many such questions today evoke in us conundrums that we find challenging to easily comprehend. Yet we […]

Ik: The Philosophy of Oneness

At the time when the subcontinent believed in polytheism, Guru Nanak philosophized Ik Onkar. The depth of his belief in this theory of One Power guided him in laying the pillars of Sikhism on this word – Ik (One supreme light, the power that exists in every living being).

Gurudwaras: Insignias, Symbols, and Practice of Sikhi

Whether the medieval Gurudwara in Amritsar or the postmodern Gurudwara in metropolitan city, people seem to feel similarly when experiencing the space of a Gurudwara. For some, it is a meditative experience in the peace and quiet of the Gurudwara, for others, a feeling of belonging (being among people from all walks of life), and […]

Introduction to The Sikh Magazine

The Sikh is a monthly digital publication. It echoes the voice of the modern Sikh and attempts to bring to the forefront, contemporary issues and subjects that we find pertinent